The power of listening


My husband and I went through a truly bumpy ride a couple of months ago, and decided to go for couples counseling. At first my husband was very skeptical because of rumors on Beckenham escorts from and might not see the advantages, however he agreed to go. It was easy and the most challenging thig was to learn how to listen. We were both fast to interrupt each other to start with, but we soon learned how to listen. After a little while things got much easier.

I don’t have no idea if the counseling helped us to save our relationship but I think that it did. We took a few things away from our counseling sessions, and the most important thing we learned was how important to listen to each other. Talking is great but listening is more important than talking. Both pertained to value that listening is a learned ability, and the one ability we all need in a relationship.

The best ways to benefit from couples counseling

Couples counseling has always been a little bit of a delicate subject. Some people at Beckenham escorts believe that we truly we take advantage of counseling, whilst other believe is not make things even worse. Taking the decision to go to counseling is not always simple. The large bulk of couples on only go to counseling if there is a serious problem, and by then, it is often too late. Do we need counseling, and what exactly what advantages can it bring to a relationship? The answer is not always very clear and commonly depends on how open you are about to do with your problems.

Learning how to listen is perhaps the most important part of counseling. We are commonly good at taking AT each other, but we are rarely very good at listening to each other. It is said that we would not need couples consoling if we learned how to listen to each other. If you’re ever got to counseling, you will find that most counselors simply listen and seldom contribute towards the conversation. Listening skills are hard to get, and counselors have learned how important they are by ending up being active listeners. If, all of learnt how to listen maybe we would not need counselors.

How do you express yourself? Getting someone to listen is not always easy, and it is all down to the way you express yourself. It is important to recognize that there are four types of people, and if your listen to the way they speak, you can quickly pick up who they are. First we have the, I do person, then we have the, I feel person, but that is not all, we must forget about the, I think and I am person. If you listen carefully you will find that people make use of these phrases when they speak.

So, how do we communicate with them well, if we want to make efficient usage of language, we should need to speak back to them the way they spoke to us. That means instead of saying think to and I feel person, you should express starting sentences with I feel. That person will now feel much more comfortable talking to you, and will listen better. Learning how to utilize different phrases to communicate in essential as this works in every language around the world.


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