My Girlfriend And I At The Swingers Party

Our friends consider my girlfriend and I the craziest couple in the neighborhood since we try out outrageous things just to make our relationship lively. One of our hobbies is hitting the swingers’ parties that are normally organized in town at least every month. We never miss it for anything.

Sometimes the same old routine can be boring in a relationship. Before, we used to go to parties, get drunk, come back home and have sex everywhere in the house. Then one day our friend suggested we go for a swingers’ party. We didn’t know exactly what goes on in the swingers’ party. We only knew that people get drunk there and sometimes have sex. But the extent to what people go wasn’t clear.

So our first day was crazy, my girlfriend was excited and so was I. Our friend had thrown the swingers party in his huge mansion and the house was full to capacity. The first thing I saw were a bunch of guys kissing on the couch while others danced and got drunk. We had never thought of fucking in public before and so we were skeptical of the idea at first.

The party was now getting heated up and the DJ switched gears. He changed the tempo of the party and this meant that it was time to get freaky. My girlfriend and I were not getting tipsy and all I could think of is how I was going to get into her pants and give her a deep fuck like never before. But my desires were confirmed when the couple seated next to us started fucking. It was uncomfortable at first but with the mourning and the touching I had to make a move before my girlfriend thinks am a total looser.

We started kissing and she dropped down my boxer and sucked my already hard cock. I didn’t have time to leak her pussy since everybody in the house was now fucking. This was the craziest yet the best fuck we had that year. This was the beginning of the many swingers’ party to attend.

After attending a couple more parties, we were introduced to the idea of switching partners and fucking a total stranger. This has now become the main reason why we never miss a swingers’ party. My girlfriend loves the idea of a stranger giving her a hardcore fuck and I too enjoy fucking random girls in the party. This is the only time we allow each other to fuck other people. So we make use of it properly.

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