Living With Escorts

I knew that my girlfriend worked for a London escorts agency when I met her. We were sort of the same circuit if you know what I mean. Many of the girls who hung out at the same pub that I still go to, worked for London escorts agencies. It was just one of those things and it did not worry me a bit. Even my mom used to work as an escort in London before she met my dad. It was a smart way for a girl to make some money back then, and I guess that it still is a good way for girls to make money.

Does it bother me that my girlfriend works for a London escorts agency? It does not bother me one bit. However, it is often challenging to work live with a girl who is an escort in London. I run my own business so I can be a little bit flexible when it comes to the hours that I keep. But, I would imagine if you worked for someone, it is next to impossible to live with a girl who works for a London escorts agency.

The biggest problem is night time. Most of the time my girlfriend does not finish her London escorts shift until about 11 pm. I try to hang out in the pub with my mates until she finished, and then I go to pick her up. It sounds a bit possessive but I really like to know where about she is. It is not that I am trying to control what she does at all. That does not bother me. But, I like her to be safe and that is why I make sure that I am on hand when she finishes at the London escorts agency she works for in London.

Do we go straight home? She does want to chill out a little bit sometimes. That means that we may go for a late drink or a coffee before we go home. Working for London escorts can get pretty intense at times and the sex is great, and I guess this is why she likes to chill out. When we get home, she showers and then curls up in bed with me. Fortunately for me, she is really good at what she does. Some girls who are only starting out with London escorts have to work weekends but my girlfriend does not do that anymore. That means we can spend our weekends together.

I love to surprise my girlfriend. One of my favorite things is to pick up on a Friday night and tell her that we are going away for the weekend. We love to go to little hotels and places to just relax with each other. She is a totally different person when she is away from London escorts. She loves going shopping and we are forever going to her favorite stores. I like to play the dutiful boyfriend and I always carry her bags for her.

What the future for us? I am pretty sure that she will leave London escorts one day and want to do something else. Some guys would probably hate the fact that their girlfriend works for a London escorts agency and want her to leave as soon as possible. I can understand that, but I think that she is on to a good thing. She has her own place but we spend most of our time over at my place. To me, she is not any different from any other girl and I would not want to change a thing about her.

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