I pursue my dream


I used to work as an elite escort in London, and although I had a really great time, it got to be a bit of hard work in the end. Men used to call you up all the time and ask for extended dates often at night. I was also expected to attend a lot of business functions and that meant I had to spend a small fortune on clothes. In the end, I felt that I could not keep it up anymore, and decided to try something different.


A couple of the girls who I used to work with had left to work for West Midland escorts, and I decided to do the same thing. At the time I was fully aware that it was not going to be the same. I realized that working for West Midland escorts was not going to be as exciting, but there were advantages. For starters, property in West Midland was cheaper and I managed to sell my over priced docklands flat. I made a tidy profit and bought a small house in West Midland and even left my mortgage behind me. It was kind of a weird feeling, but a great feeling of being free as well.


I did manage to get a job at West Midland escorts agency, but decided to only work part time. Like so many other girls in the escort’s service in London, I felt that I wanted to get something else out of life. After a few weeks with the agency, I found a florist course, and started to train to be a florist. I have always loved flowers and felt that I wanted to move on with my life. Also, I had my garden and started to work on that. It did not take me very long to get the hang of the art of floristry.


Yes, I did want to be full time florist but I was not ready to give up West Midland escorts yet. So, i set up my own web site, and started to pitch for work. Soon, I got some contacts in the funeral service, and was able to supply funeral wreaths and stuff like that. This was my first contract, and as I worked from home, I was able to offer both a cheap and personal service. It seemed to go down well, and I soon had another contract. After three months, I found myself doing my first wedding.


It was a complete nerve wrecking experience, and I had to take a couple of days off from West Midland escorts. In the end, I never went back. After my first wedding, the jobs started to fall in and I got in with a couple of wedding planners. Things were really beginning to work out for me, and I now run my business from home. Yes, I might take on a shop, but at the moment, I don’t feel that I need to do that. This way I can have some personal time, and do the things that I never had chance to do when I worked in the London escorts service.

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